Sunday Connect Groups

We offer exciting classes for all ages and stages of life. Wonderful teachers who help us learn more about the bible, and strengthen our relationship with God. Our small groups are a great environment for learning, support, and fellowship. We meet each Sunday morning at 9:00am. Class opportunities are as follows:

Classes for Children & Teens

Nursery (Newborns - 23 months)
Rooms 131
Taught by: Sandy Savage

2–3 Year Olds
Room 134
Taught by: Debbie Arnwine & Ruth Howard

Room 129
Taught by: Diane Lyle

Room 127
Taught by: Dineen Gray

1st Grade
Room 227
Taught by: Chris & Angie Dawson

2nd & 3rd Grade
Room 228
Taught by: Jeanene Wilkerson

4th & 5th Grade
Room 229
Taught by: Mark & Tammy Lakin

Youth (Middle & High School Students)
Teen Room - Lower Level
Taught by: Josh Sharp


Classes for Adults

Single Young Adults (18-29 years)
Room 207
Taught by: Nate and Mary Elizabeth Naugle A balanced healthy interactive study of the Bible on a variety of topics and passages

Young Married Couples (20-35 years)
Room 001
Taught by: David and Dee Graves
Teacher led topical and short series style, with life application and discussion

Soul Sisters
Women (Open)
Room 004
Taught by: Micah Maddox
Teacher-led Biblical study style with interactive discussion

R.E.E.L. Life
Men (Open)
Room 003
Taught by: Josh Sharp
Teacher-led style with interactive discussion

Singles & Married Couples (30-40 years)
Room 213
Taught by: David Arsenault
Verse by verse study style, combined with group discussion

Singles & Married Couples (30-50 years)
Room 208
Taught by: Craig Livingston & Kevin Roach Open discussion style, with KJV commentary and other literature

Singles & Married Couples (35-60 years)
Room 005
Taught by: David Walton & Jim Moore Open discussion style - Life Application

Wisdom Seekers
Singles & Married Couples (35-60 years)
Room 007
Taught by: James Berry & Jenny Roach Quarterly based lesson style with life applications and heavy class discussion

Spiritually Inspired
Singles & Married Couples (45-60 years)
Room 220
Taught by: Lonnie Parker & Stephen Garrett Class interest style on topics and books

Old-Time Believers
Singles & Married Couples (Open)
Room 006
Taught by: Mike & Tara Chandler
Verse by verse study style, will be studying book of Acts

His Light My Path
Singles & Married Couples (Open)
Worship Center
Taught by: James Marion
Lecture style, verse by verse study with handouts, and Life application


Classes for Senior Adults

Bible Followers
Singles & Married Couples
Room 215
Taught by: Mike Lakin, Richard Tilley, David Porterfield

Willing Workers
Singles & Married Couples
Room 002
Taught by: Randall Medley
0pen discussion style with quarterly books

Women of the Word
Senior Adult Women
Online Class
Taught by: Gerry Roller
Verse by verse study style/topical of relevance


Special Area Class

Wonderfully Made
Babies through Young Adults with Special Needs
Kids Klubhouse
Taught by: Britney Wolfenbarger
Bible lesson, music, and easy crafts