Sunday Connect Groups

Classes for Children

Nursery (Newborns - 23 months)
Rooms 129 & 131
Taught by: Sandy Savage

2–3 Year Olds
Room 127
Taught by: Debbie Arnwine & Ruth Howard

Room 134
Taught by: Diane Lyle

Kindergarten & 1st Grade
Room 228
Taught by: Chris & Angie Dawson

2nd & 3rd Grade
Room 229
Taught by: Jeanene Wilkerson & Diane Tudor

4th & 5th Grade
Room 230
Taught by: Pastor Mike & Kaylee Mead

Class for Teens

Youth (Middle & High School Students)
Teen Room - Lower Level
Taught by: Pastor Paul & Kat Baird

Classes for Adults

Single Young Adults (18-29 years)
Room 207
Taught by: Nate and Mary Elizabeth Naugle
A balanced healthy interactive study of the Bible on a variety of topics and passages

Young Married Couples (20-35 years)
Room 212
Taught by: David and Dee Graves
Teacher led topical and short series style, with life application and discussion

Soul Sisters
Women (Open)
Room 208
Taught by: Micah Maddox
Teacher-led Biblical study style with interactive discussion

Singles & Married Couples (30-40 years)
Room 213
Taught by: David Arsenault
Verse by verse study style, combined with group discussion

Singles & Married Couples (30-50 years)
Room 224
Taught by: Craig Livingston & Kevin Roach
Open discussion style, with KJV commentary and other literature

Singles & Married Couples (35-60 years)
Room 226 B-C
Taught by: David Walton & Jim Moore
Open discussion style - Life Application

Wisdom Seekers
Singles & Married Couples (35-60 years)
Room 210
Taught by: James Berry & Jenny Roach
Quarterly based lesson style with life applications and heavy class discussion

Spiritually Inspired
Singles & Married Couples (45-60 years)
Room 216
Taught by: Lonnie Parker & Stephen Garrett
Class interest style on topics and books

Old-Time Believers
Singles & Married Couples (Open)
Room 220
Taught by: Mike & Tara Chandler
Verse by verse study style, will be studying book of Acts

His Light My Path
Singles & Married Couples (Open)
Worship Center
Taught by: James Marion
Lecture style, verse by verse study with handouts, and Life applicatio

Classes for Senior Adults

Bible Followers & Willing Workers
Singles & Married Couples
Taught by: Mike Lakin, Richard Tilley, and Randall Medley
0pen discussion style with quarterly books

Singles & Married Couples
Room 215
Taught by: Rev. Charlie Lynch

Women of the Word
Senior Adult Women
Online Class
Taught by: Gerry Roller
Verse by verse study style/topical of relevance