November 10-11, 2017
Hilton Garden Inn, Pigeon Forge

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Friday, November 10
4:00 pm - Hotel check in begins
7:00 pm - Dinner & Session 1

Saturday, November 11
7:00 am - Continental Breakfast
8:30 am - Session 2 & 3
12:00 pm - Retreat concludes

Event Speaker

Christie Marie Musso is a motivational and inspirational Speaker, Author and Teacher. Her brand new book, "Hope Knows Your Name", is an honest and transparent journey of her own life. Christie's story reflects an amazing picture of God’s Grace. As a childhood survivor of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, and one who ended up in juvenile in Memphis, Tennessee after running away at age twelve, Christie's life appeared destined for failure. Her vivid memories of life in an abusive girl’s home in the ghettos of Indianapolis, Indiana, where she witnessed the death of her 15-year-old friend Mindy, would greatly influence her for many years to come. After surviving unimaginable childhood trauma, the effects would eventually cause additional dysfunction in her relationships as a wife and mother, including an abortion at age seventeen. Christie’s father was in and out of her life from the beginning leaving her to deal with issues of abandonment, feelings of inadequacy, and low self-esteem. Christie had become a wife and mother when her father contacted her. Unfortunately, her father was left a paraplegic after a tragic motorcycle wreck, so Christie ended up being his caregiver for several years. But then in 1998, her father was tragically murdered in Christie's own home. When unhealthy living and financial hardship eventually caught up with her, Christie felt she was all alone. She decided to end her life by attempting a suicide. But by the grace of God, He intervened in a miraculous way, and her suicide attempt was unsuccessful. Little did Christie know when she remarried to a "Christian" husband, not only did he attempt suicide, but succeed, killing himself in the Federal Court House December 13, 2012 where he worked. Leaving Christie a widow and alone once again. But God was still not finished with Christie. Recovering from a life of disappointments meant that she would spend months and months in recovery and counseling, and it was during that time when Christie finally gave her life to Christ. And that is where her story of Hope truly begins.