Philippians 4:8: Think on these things…

On Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd, ladies will come together at the Tuckaleechee Retreat Center in Townsend, Tennessee for a time of fellowship and Bible study. The cost is $60 per person, if planning four people to a room; or $80 per person, if planning two people to a room. Individual speakers from Clear Springs will facilitate the sessions and activities.

Friday, March 1
6:30pm    Dinner: Soups, chili, salad, and dessert
7:30pm    Worship
8:00pm    Session 1 - Mandi Walker
9:30pm    Game, Get to Know You, and relax

Saturday, March 2
8:30am    Breakfast: Pastries, and individual cereals
9:00am    Worship
9:30am    Session 2 - Tammy Bryant
10:30am  Session 3
12:00pm  Lunch: Baked Lasagna and deserts
1:00pm    Share time, games, activity, relax, hike, etc.
4:00pm    Wrap up